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 Transfer Rules

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PostSubject: Transfer Rules   Sun Mar 06, 2016 5:15 pm

Players may move between clubs in a deal agreed by two clubs only. Only the following types of transfers are permitted:

* Cash for player(s)
* Player swap
* Cash + player swap
* Loan
* Cash for loan
* Free agents (from free transfer list)

The two parties must open a thread in the ‘Confirmed Transfers’ sub-forum of the site, with both managers confirming their agreement to the deal. In the thread, the details of the deal must be shown.

A loan is defaulted to go through to the end of the season, though the loaner may choose to recall the player at any time, with the recall to be processed on the following weekend.

Transfers will be processed each weekend up to the end of Round 13 in the league season, at which time the transfer window will be closed until after the league season is over.

Free transfers will be processed at the same time as other transfers. Whoever sends a request for the player first will win the player.

Clubs may make no more than six deals a week, including free transfers. Clubs may also not have more than three loans in and out at any one time.

Players may also be released from their contracts but it will require their club to pay their sal-ary. That payment will be taken from the club’s transfer budget.

I reserve the right to cancel deals that are very unbalanced, though hopefully I will not need to do this. Deals will also be cancelled if a player is currently not on the roster. This prevents a messy backlog that would increase administration time.
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Transfer Rules
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