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 Club Financial Rules

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PostSubject: Club Financial Rules   Sun Mar 06, 2016 5:35 pm

There are two critical aspects to your club's financial management - the transfer budget and debt management. This section also covers rewards through writing articles for your club.

Transfer Budget

Quite simply, this is how much you can spend to buy players, use in swap deals or to release players prematurely. Any league or cup earnings are transferred to the transfer budget.

Each club will start their existence with a transfer budget of $5,000,000.


If a club’s transfer budget falls into debt, they have two weeks to get out of the red, or they will have their highest earner auctioned.

Minimum price will start at the level of debt. If a leading bid is not beaten in 12 hours, or is ahead 72 hours after the auction opens, the player is sold. If there are no bids within 72 hours, another first-team player is auctioned separately, and both players’ minimum prices will be half of the club’s debt.

The process will continue until the club’s debt is cleared completely.

Writing Media Articles

Managers may write articles about their club and/or players and be rewarded for such activity. This will come in the form of a cash payment to their club’s transfer budget (100k per article).

Rewards are handed out when finances are updated every Saturday. A club may be given no more than three rewards per week.

Articles with offensive material will not be rewarded and the manager could face punishment.
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Club Financial Rules
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