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 Manager punishments in SOC

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PostSubject: Manager punishments in SOC   Sun Mar 06, 2016 5:54 pm

Manager Discipline Points

There are a few notes to be made about manager discipline and what happens when managers fail to submit teamsheets, or engage in contrary conduct.

There is a Manager Discipline points system in place to monitor manager behaviour. All managers start with 0 points, but if they reach 6 points, they are dismissed from their post.

Failing to submit teamsheets
If someone has failed to submit a teamsheet for a good reason, the manager will be given 2 MD points. If the manager then submits their teamsheet for their club’s next three matches, those two points will be rescinded. If the manager is sitting on 4 MD points, however, they must submit for six consecutive games before those four points are removed.

Please bear in mind that if a manager misses five or more teamsheets over the course of a season, their managerial position may come under review from the SOC board regardless of current points.

Contrary conduct
I am generally forgiving of banter and a bit of coarse language but if it goes over the top managers should expect to be punished. This can come in the form of a warning, additional MD points, or even dismissal if it is serious enough.

Contrary conduct also extends to multi accounts, exploiting bugs in the game, and other forms of cheating, as well as posting Not Safe for Work (NSFW) content.
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Manager punishments in SOC
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