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 Seasonal player re-rates and retirements

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PostSubject: Seasonal player re-rates and retirements   Sun Mar 06, 2016 5:48 pm

Player Re-rates

At the end of each season, players may receive re-rates dependent on age.

Please note ages are checked at the end of every season. If their age has changed in real life, it will also do so in the SOC equivalent.

Youth Players
Young players (aged below 21) will receive re-rates to skills at the end of each season. Skills are affected as shown in the table below:

Age18 or less192021
Older Players
Older players (aged 31 or older) will start to lose skill points at the end of each season. Skills will be affected as follows:

Age313233343536 or older


Retirements in SOC will be based on retirements of players in real life. If a player retires in real life occur halfway through an SOC season, they will be allowed to see out the season in SOC before retiring.

Every step will be taken to ensure the affected manager is aware of these retirements as early as possible so they may alter any plans accordingly.
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Seasonal player re-rates and retirements
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