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 End-of-season Drafts

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PostSubject: End-of-season Drafts   Sun Mar 06, 2016 5:31 pm

At the end of each season, there will be two drafts – an internal youth draft and an external draft across the league.

Youth Draft

The youth draft is an internal draft where players will be given to clubs for free.

The amount of youths a club is given depends on the division they played during that season. The A-League clubs are given one youth player every season. For each division lower, an additional youth player will be given to each of those clubs.

Please bear in mind there are no guarantees the youth players will be good or bad. Any or all players may be rejected if the manager should they choose.

If accepting youth players takes you over the maximum roster limit, you may choose which other players you want to get rid of. However, if you already agreed for a released player to play next season, you must immediately pay next season’s salary out of your transfer budget.

SOC Draft

After the youth draft, there will be a draft for each division that is run simultaneously. Each division will have their own player list of 15 to 20 players.

Each club will have 24 hours to make their pick. If they make their pick within the 24 hours, the next club may make their pick immediately. If they do not make a pick, the pick will be considered null and void. However, if there is a good reason someone cannot make the allo-cated time for their pick, please let me know and I will make the pick for you, preferably with a specified player to choose.

Any players not signed up by any club during the SOC Draft will go to the free agent list.

All players in the SOC Draft come free of charge.
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End-of-season Drafts
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