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 Salary Cap and other squad limits

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PostSubject: Salary Cap and other squad limits   Sun Mar 06, 2016 5:05 pm

Salary Cap

This is the maximum that clubs are allowed to spend per season on the playing squad, with up to two players allowed exceptions in a squad at any one time if they meet criteria. Therefore, managing the club’s salary cap is a critical component of SOC management.

Salaries paid do not affect the transfer budget. Consider the transfer budget and salary cap as separate finances for your club.

The following salary caps are imposed for Season 1:

A-League = $4,000,000

NPL salary caps will be announced if/when those divisions open, but expect them to be lower than the A-League.

Player Salaries

For each player’s salary, their skills are calculated with primary, secondary and tertiary skills included for outfielders, and just the Shot Stopping skill for goalkeepers.

Primary Skills
Outfield Player16151413121110 or less
Goalkeeper18171615141312 or less
Added Salary$300k$200k$150k$100k$50k$35k$25k
Secondary and  Tertiary Skills
Outfield Player10+8-96-752-41
Added Salary$100k$80k$50k$40k$25k$0
If a player is a midfielder or striker, their salary increases further. Midfielder salaries are increased by 10%, while striker salaries are increased by 25%. Defenders retain base value. Goalkeepers only ever use one skill and require a slightly higher skill level, so earn the same as an outfielder with a primary skill two points less (eg. An 18-rated keeper will cost $300,000).

Players with two skills of the same level will have their wage treated as if the primary skill was to the most right on the roster. For example, shooting would take precedence over passing, which is more important than tackling, followed by shot stopping.

Here are a couple of examples of salaries:

Marquee Players

Up to two players at each club may be exempt from the salary cap as long as they meet a minimum salary requirement. These exempt players are known as Marquee Players. The following conditions for Marquee Players are as follows:

A-League = minimum $300,000 salary

As NPL divisions are added, their minimum salary limit for marquee players will be released, but expect them to be less than the A-League.

If there are more than two players at a club above the minimum salary requirement, the highest two earners are designated as Marquee Players by default.

Squad Size Limits

Clubs must have no less than 22 players, but no more than 28 players at any one time. Clubs must also not break the salary cap at any time. A transfer will be cancelled if it takes a club over the cap, or break their minimum or maximum squad limits.

Foreign Player Limits

Clubs can have no more than five foreign players in their roster at one time. A foreign player who has played either in Australia in real life for less than five years, or SOC for less than five seasons. If either has been satisfied, they are effectively nationalised and do not count towards the foreign quota. Australian and New Zealand players also do not count towards the foreign quota, as there are Australian-based and New Zealand-based clubs in the game.

In the roster, a player from the foreign quota has their nationality in caps.

Seasonal Reviews

At around the two-thirds point of each season, two reviews will take place – that of next season’s salary cap, as well as a player’s salary demands for the following season.

Salary Cap Adjustment
The salary caps for the following season may be modified depending on player skill improvements. This could mean lower salaries for the same rate the following season or an overall increase to the salary cap. Marquee player minimum salary limits may also be modified as part of the review.

Player Salary Demands
At the same time, a player’s salary demands for the following season will be published, based approximately on where they expect their skills to be around the start of the next season. Therefore, some salary demands may be higher or lower than current skills.
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Salary Cap and other squad limits
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