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 SOC League Format

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PostSubject: SOC League Format   Sun Mar 06, 2016 4:33 pm

The league season will be run in a home-and-away format. The top division, known as the A-League, will be active immediately. Once there is sufficient interest, further divisions may open. A second tier would be called NPL 1 (aka National Premier League 1), the third tier known as NPL 2, and the fourth tier known as NPL 3.

At the end of each season, clubs who finish in the top eight of their divisions are rewarded based on their finishing positions, with financial rewards going to their transfer budget.

A-League - Season 1
1st = $4,000,000
2nd = $3,500,000
3rd = $3,000,000
4th = $2,500,000
5th = $2,000,000
6th = $1,500,000
7th = $1,000,000
8th = $500,000

If NPL divisions are opened, the money reward list will be placed in this thread.
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SOC League Format
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